Videoconferencing Reservation Form

Goshen College owns two Videoconferencing units manufactured by Polycom. One unit is installed in the Wyse 318 classroom, and one unit is on a portable television cart.  Both systems are capable of making and receiving videoconferencing calls over the internet (Video over IP) but are not equipped to make video calls over specialized telephone lines known as ISDN connections.  Each unit can connect up to 3 other sites at a time and the WY318 unit can add audio telephone calls as well.

Wyse 318 


  • Seats 20 people
  • Is well suited for a class presentation style videoconference or a large group collaboration.
  • Has a camera for the instructor /presenter and a separate camera for the classroom seating area
  • Can transmit Powerpoint/VHS/DVD/Visual Presenter content in conjunction with videoconference
  • Videoconference can be streamed on Internet
  • Videoconference can be videotaped
  • Great for small collaborative meetings with other sites, supports 1-10 people.
  • One camera for meeting attendees
  • Can be run from any classroom or conference room that does not have excessive air handling noise
  • Can transmit VHS or DVD content in conjunction with videoconference
  • Videoconference can be videotaped

Please note that setup for both systems requires access to whichever room the conference will be held in an hour in advance. We will need approximately a half hour to teardown after the event is over.  We appreciate notice of an upcoming videoconference at least a week or more in advance.

Please fill out the form below with as many details as you can provide a this time.  Feel free to call  7727 and ask for Paul Housholder or Mike McHugh if you have questions.

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 Be sure to contact the building designate to reserve the room in Zimbra, or contact the OCE if the event is open to the public.
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