GC Computer Account Creation Request


We are unable to change a username once an account is created, so please be sure to get the employee's username choice before submitting this request.

*Starting Date
First Name (if other than greeting name)
*Greeting Name (preferred name)
Middle Initial
*Last Name
*GC ID Number
Office Number
*Classification Administrative Faculty
Is this person replacing an existing employee? No
*Will this person be using an existing computer, or need a new computer? Existing computer
New computer
If using an existing computer, whose will they be using?
*Preferred operating system: Windows
Note: If their department primarily uses either Windows or Mac, that is the operating system that will be installed on their computer.
*Does this person need access to Jenzabar EX? YesNo


A username must contain identifiers from both the first name and last name. Our standard username format is to use the first initial, middle initial, last name. Ex. John K. Smith would be jksmith. If the standard format is not available, the middle initial will be dropped. If that is not available, we will use first initial, last name, and append a sequential number to the end.

Alternatively, if available, the employee can choose another username format from the following two choices:
first name, middle initial, last initial Ex. johnks
first name, last initial Ex. johns

REMINDER: We are unable to change a username once the account has been created.

Standard username (ex. jksmith) YesNo
OR, in the space below indicate what your first, second and third choices are for an alternate username that complies with the alternate formats listed above.
If your first choice is already in use by someone else, ITS will use your second choice, and so on.
First Choice:
Third Choice
*Name of person requesting account
 Note: Username and password information will be emailed to the person requesting this account. If you prefer the information be sent to someone else, please supply their email address below.
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